Meet Cyazon

With music that encapsulates the dark undertones of abandoned streetscapes, the blurs of neon lights from Bladerunner’s metropolis, and the lawlessness of a cyberpunk world, it’s no wonder that with every Cyazon release, listeners find themselves stepping foot into a transcendental journey through time, chaos, and self-discovery.

Taking it a step further, this artist on the rise fuses sounds from neo-noir films into electronic music, crafting not only his own unique style, but a futuristic world with each powerhouse release.

Each world-altering track moves through music boundaries and cultivates a revolutionary venture through Cyazon’s own hybrid spin on modern dance music, earning him support from industry heavyweights such as Au5 and Zomboy.

His debut single, “Neo Soul” alongside Essenger made its debut on Monstercat and garnered hundreds of thousands of plays. After being praised by critics across all platforms, Cyazon landed on the map as an innovative tastemaker of underground sound. In fact, in 2020, Cyazon was hailed on Monstercat’s very own MCTV Live Stream for his first live DJ set, and landed himself on the front page of the world’s leading livestreaming platform, Twitch.

His latest stream releases, that have found the support of major labels like FiXT, Bass Rebels, Ophelia, Monstercat and Circus Records, reached an even wider audience, marking a new highlight in Cyazon’s career. His most recent releases ARC, Tech, The Future, Digital Fractals, Before You Leave, Mystical Island Remix and Virtual Spirit display a new twist in his sound, that surely marks a new milestone in his musical journey, while displaying his signature style.

Pairing heavy synths, hard-hitting beats, and haunting melodies against the backdrop of a distant dystopia, Cyazon continues to champion powerhouse releases and colonize a fan base of revolutionaries across the globe, all while creating a futuristic world of its own, in which music prevails.