Meet Cyazon

With music that encapsulates the dark undertones of abandoned streetscapes, the blurs of neon lights from Bladerunner’s metropolis, and the lawlessness of a cyberpunk world, it’s no wonder that with every Cyazon release, listeners find themselves stepping foot into a transcendental journey through time, chaos, and self-discovery.

Taking it a step further, this artist on the rise fuses sounds from neo-noir films into electronic music, crafting not only his own unique style, but a futuristic world with each powerhouse release.

Each world-altering track moves through music boundaries and cultivates a revolutionary venture through Cyazon’s own hybrid spin on modern dance music, earning him support from industry heavyweights such as Au5 and Zomboy.

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Pairing heavy synths, hard-hitting beats, and haunting.


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